Teqball Cup of Children’s Homes – April 2022

For the first time, we organized a cup between children’s homes, which was attended by sports-loving children from all over Hungary.

Gattyán Foundation is committed to providing children and young people living in Hungary with public care, among other things, the opportunity to play sports and exercise regularly. In order to achieve this goal, in recent years the Foundation has donated 70 Teqball tables and sports packages of additional sports equipment to residential child protection institutions across the country.
In order to make more use of the TEQ tables delivered to homes, the Foundation is providing coaches in more and more homes, who are constantly training and moving, developing children to encourage them to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

The highlight of this ongoing sports program was the two-day event, which brought together children and educators from 9 counties and 14 institutions in the country. On the first day of the sports weekend, the kids could show off in a joint Teqball workout how much they practiced and developed by using the Teqball tables placed at the children’s homes. The exercise was aided by professional Teqball animators, so in addition to fun sports, all the children developed spectacularly from day one. On the second day of the competition, about 60 children competed in the double Teqball competitions. The first place was awarded with a Playstation game console, but neither the second nor third place went home empty-handed. Thanks to one of our generous partners, DRK, we presented them with high-value purchase vouchers.

The aim of the event is to give talented children who want to take Teqball more seriously the opportunity to develop. Our goal is to make the First Teqball Cup of Children’s Homes a tradition and to be held several times a year, thus encouraging children to play sports on a permanent basis.


The Foundation’s approach is that the basis for effective assistance is professional foundation. To facilitate this, within the framework of a national survey conducted in the years of 2020 and 2021, the Foundation mapped the educational participation of children living in children’s homes, their current education, their further study plans and their vision related to learning and work.



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