We believe that the lives of vulnerable children can be improved together through care, love, and the implementation of professional programs. Organized programs and services require significant financial resources. One of the objectives of the Foundation is to provide and expand these financial resources. Achieving success is only partly a one-off endeavor of the Foundation, this work is in our common interest, the responsibility of all of us.

We ask for support from any individual or entrepreneur who feels responsible for the “fallen” groups of society, and especially for children. We are confident that we will find many benevolent sponsors who would contribute in different ways, to varying degrees, to the expansion of the available assets of the Foundation by providing funds or even in-kind resources. Our cooperating partners can contribute their professional knowledge to support children.


Our key sponsors make a valuable contribution to the work of our Foundation. Support can also take the form of donated product, service, or funds. If you want to help our work in any way, please read: Key Sponsorship Terms.


Our cooperating partners contribute to the work of our Foundation with their professional support. Guided by professional knowledge sharing and a common goal, we believe together for a better future. In case you wish to support our work as a cooperating partner, please contact us by clicking here.