Gattyán Foundation is committed to providing regular opportunities for sports and exercise for children and young people living in Hungary and raised in state care. To achieve this goal, the Foundation donated 70 Teqball tables and sports packages of additional sports equipment to residential child protection institutions across Hungary.

By introducing the TEQ tables and all the TEQ sports that can be played on them and by promoting their active use, Gattyán Foundation aims to provide children growing up in orphanages with opportunities to play games and move every day in accordance with their needs, to improve their overall movement coordination and to build community through sport.

In order to increase the use of the TEQ tables delivered to the orphanages, it is necessary for children raised in children’s homes, as well as educators working there, to be aware of the possibilities of the TEQ sports table, the different sports and the rules thereof. To this end, the Foundation provides a coach who organizes trainings and competitions on a regular basis, moves and develops the children in order to encourage them to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle in the long run, as well as to maintain interest in the sports equipment through other activities.


With the cooperation of the institutions involved, regular Teqball trainings can commence in more and more children’s homes. During the training, a Teqball coach holds a session for the children several times a week, where there is a need and interest in it. Our goal is to allow children to compare their skills nationwide in an inter-institutional Teqball – Teqvoly competition organized by the Foundation after half a year of “training”. Through this program, the Foundation provides opportunity for children who want to take sport more seriously and supports their development.


Our professional sports animators have visited several children’s homes during this autumn season, where they presented the five different TEQ sports for children, regardless of their gender and age, in the course of a demonstration and subsequent matches with the participation of the children. The enjoyable and popular program will continue next year.


Institutions with a Teqball table may also join a drawing competition in which children are tasked with making a drawing that relates to the Teqball table. In return for the drawings each child receives a gift and the children making the three most beautiful drawings in each institution are given a separate gift package. The children have already made hundreds of drawings for the call, which started a few months ago.


The institutions may also join a video competition, which is also related to the sports program. The Foundation regularly sends TEQ sports-related play assignments to the children’s homes with two weeks for the children to complete the assignments and submit the videos. The most active participants of the half year long continuous creative video production will be rewarded by the Foundation and the residents of the winning institutions will be rewarded with an experience program of their choice, which will be funded by the Foundation.


The Foundation’s approach is that the basis for effective assistance is professional foundation. To facilitate this, within the framework of a national survey conducted in the years of 2020 and 2021, the Foundation mapped the educational participation of children living in children’s homes, their current education, their further study plans and their vision related to learning and work.



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