Home Garden Program – October 2021

HOME IN NATURE, HOME IN MYSELF, HOME In THE WORLD – This October saw the launch of the Foundation’s Home Garden Program, which aims to support the physical, mental and spiritual balance of children living in children’s homes through the balance of nature. In cooperation with the team of Életfa, we will renovate the large garden of the Gyöngyvirág Street Children’s Home through a series of programs lasting several months, which will become a self-sustaining and productive garden in the long run.

The mental aid program helps to strengthen the self-belief and coping tools of children raised without a family home through the teachings of nature and time spent in harmony with nature, in addition, the time spent in nature allows them to relieve their frustration, ground, and maintain their inner balance.


The Foundation’s approach is that the basis for effective assistance is professional foundation. To facilitate this, within the framework of a national survey conducted in the years of 2020 and 2021, the Foundation mapped the educational participation of children living in children’s homes, their current education, their further study plans and their vision related to learning and work.



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