Donation to a Ukrainian Refugee Camp – Debrecen-Erdőspuszta – May 2022

One of the most important aspects of the Russo-Ukrainian war is the humanitarian crisis caused by the fights – not only in terms of the civilian casualties of the war, but also in terms of the masses fleeing the country. The life of children and families is getting harder day by day as no one […]

Visit to a Children’s Home – Bokréta Children’s Home Center– May 2022

On the occasion of Children’s Day, we were invited to the Children’s Day celebration at the Bokréta Housing Home, Children’s Home Center and Primary School in Bicske. The home in a fabulous setting was loud from the hustle and bustle of children. Air castle, chimney cake, sports games and many more programs entertained the kids […]

Visit to a Children’s Home – Mátészalka – May 2022

This time we visited the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Child Protection Center in Mátészalka, where we donated 10 new Samsung smart TVs to the children living there, in addition, some smaller computer accessories were also delivered to make the everyday life of the educators easier. We have had a very good relationship with the head of the […]

Visit to a Children’s Home – Children’s Home of Miskolc – May 2022

This time we visited the eastern part of Hungary to deliver our donations in person to the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Child Protection Center in Miskolc; we donated 20 mini hi-fi sets to this institution. The head of the institution said their experience is that children are instinctively involved in all music-related activities that they seem to […]

Visit to a Children’s Home – Bólyai Children’s Home – May 2022

These days we had another opportunity to visit some orphanages. This time we visited the Bolyai Children’s Home Center in Budapest, where we were happy to take the donations selected by the recipient institution. The children’s home operating at Breznó Lane is situated in one of the most beautiful environment of Budapest, at the foot […]

Teqball Cup of Children’s Homes – April 2022

For the first time, we organized a cup between children’s homes, which was attended by sports-loving children from all over Hungary. Gattyán Foundation is committed to providing children and young people living in Hungary with public care, among other things, the opportunity to play sports and exercise regularly. In order to achieve this goal, in […]

Visiting the Children’s Home – Development House at Ménfőcsanak – April 2022

This time we visited the development house at Ménfőcsanak that belongs to the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Child Protection Center, where, thanks to our Foundation, we have created a salt room for children where the little ones can heal and strengthen their immune system while playing. The salt cleanses the lungs and bronchi and provides spectacular development […]